Popular vs Affordable States To Retire In

When the time comes to retire, you may decide that you’d like to relocate. And while only 1.6% of retirees aged 55 to 65 end up moving outside their home state, it’s a good idea to...

No, Hedge Funds And Mutual Funds Are Not The Same

In the world of investing, the idea of investors pooling funds together in order to achieve a higher level of diversification is not new. Pooled funds allow investors who would not...

Protecting Yourself And Your Finances From ID Theft

Of all the potential new perils that the internet age has brought along, few of them are as destructive and difficult to recover from as identity theft. Unless you’ve somehow managed to...
What Is A Certificate Of Deposit?

What Is A Certificate Of Deposit?

There are many options for investors looking for both short and long term opportunities. While stocks and bonds often get the lion’s share of attention, many investors regularly rely on certificates of deposit (commonly referred to as “CDs”) as well....

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How To Invest A Million Dollars

How To Invest A Million Dollars

A million dollars is a lot of money. With that said, a million bucks isn’t the same today as it was twenty or thirty years ago. Whether you save it up over time, inherit it all at once, or win the lottery – to maximize the utility of that money, you’ll...

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