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Custom Investment Portfolio Creation

Every investment portfolio we create is unique and customized specifically for the particular client we’re working with. Your portfolio will be based on the amount of risk you want to take, and the return you want to achieve.

We favor owning common stock in primarily US or European-based companies that have strong cash flow. We look for excellent leadership, and companies that are either responsibly reinvesting profits into the business or sharing the profits with shareholders in the form of a dividend.

We do not use leverage, margin, or any types of derivatives and each client account is managed separately from one another. Additionally, if you have objections to owning stocks in certain companies or industries (tobacco, oil, etc.) we can easily accommodate your preferences.

Investment Diversification

While there is almost no way to completely avoid risk in the financial marketplace, diversifying your investment portfolio helps to mitigate the impact of underperforming assets. This strategy has many complex iterations, but at its root it’s simply about spreading your portfolio across several asset classes. For example:

  • Domestic Stocks: Common shares of financially solid US companies in a variety of industries.
  • Bonds: Bonds usually provide regular interest income and are generally considered to be less volatile than stocks.
  • Short-Term Investments: Includes money market funds and short-term certificates of deposit (CDs).
  • International Stocks: Investing in companies outside the US offers additional opportunities and advantages not available domestically.

The exact amount we invest in each type of asset is based on your goals, risk tolerance, and desired rate of return.

Investment Portfolio Rebalancing

We understand that changes in your life may require changes in your portfolio. We’ll closely monitor your plan and make sure that it always reflects your situation. In addition, as financial markets go up and down, we help manage the level of risk in your investment portfolio through periodic rebalancing.

We believe that the lives of our clients should dictate the pace and balance of their investments, not the other way around. We work hard to ensure it stays that way.

Understanding Stocks And Market Capitalization

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