Our Clients

A diverse group of community professionals.


We work with anyone who meets the following three criteria:

You have at least $250,000 or more in retirement and investment assets (real estate not included)

You are a long-term, goal-focused client looking for a TRUSTED financial professional to delegate both your financial planning and investment management responsibilities.

You are a good and decent person. This is an unusual requirement but it lends itself to helping us maintain the joy we have in the work we do.


Climbing the ranks of a law firm is often a long, challenging, and unforgiving road. If you’re a successful lawyer, you will earn an income that can provide a secure lifestyle for your family.

However when you’re finally winding down from the practice of law, if you haven’t taken steps to develop a sound and strategic financial plan, your ability to secure the same quality of lifestyle in retirement will be significantly impaired.

For young associates in particular, simultaneously trying to manage financial matters and a career is often too much to ask.

We’re here to help you explore and navigate your financial options with confidence, establishing a strategic plan, regularly stress testing it for solvency and managing your portfolio with an eye toward growth – so that all you have to focus on is your current caseload.

Business Owners

From truck drivers and restaurateurs to consultants and dog sitters, we’re passionate about helping busy business owners from all fields reach the full potential of their financial capabilities. Too often we see people focus so intently on growing their business that they let their personal planning fall to the wayside.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Your money can, and should, work just as hard as you do to help you grow realize the success you set out to achieve.


Engineers are at the center of innovation. Deploying their passion to make a difference alongside their technical know-how, their efforts continually improve our lives.

Engineers also tend to earn high incomes early in life. In addition, because of the nature of their profession, it’s common for companies to merge or be acquired.

These circumstances present unique financial planning scenarios.

Complicated compensation tools are offered including stock options like ISOs and restricted stock units (RSUs). These comp awards require a strategic plan to take full advantage of the financial opportunities offered.

Working together, we’ll develop a strategy that emcompasses all of your investments, including the proceeds from liquidity events to retention bonuses after a merger or acquisition.

We develop the strategy for your liquid portfolio after considering concentrated holdings, such as real estate, private businesses, restricted stock, and deferred compensation. Analyzing all your financial assets is the only way to achieve the proper level of risk management and diversification.

Pre & Post Retirees

You’ve worked hard, raised a family, and hopefully managed to put some money aside. Now you’re finally approaching retirement, or maybe you’re already there.

No matter what stage you’re at, we’re here to answer the lingering questions in the back of your mind about whether or not you’re making the most of your assets. You can rest easy knowing we’ve got your security well in hand.

Our Commitment To Clients

Develop a common sense of purpose with our clients characterized by a thorough understanding of their expectations, constraints and aspirations.

A fair and simple fee structure

Prompt and clear spoken communication regarding:

Portfolio construction and investment selection, Monitoring of investments and general inquiries and outreach.

An uncompromising standard of client service.

A commitment to continuing our education and understanding global markets, tax policies and financial concepts that are pertinent to delivering excellent advice.

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