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Custom Investment Portfolio Management

We are domestic equity investors and are focused on long-term investing. Our goal is to provide your money with superior returns while limiting the level of risk needed to achieve this objective.

We look to invest directly in the common stock of companies with the following characteristics:

  • Sustainable, innovative companies with industry-leading market positions that are currently or trending towards generating significant free cash flow;

  • Competent and thoughtful management;

  • Promotes the interest of its shareholders while simultaneously protecting the reasonable interest of its employees.

Additional Portfolio Management Features

An overview of our approach to capital management and benefits of working with us include:

Transparency: Full transparency on positions held and trading activity.

Investment Strategy: Primarily U.S. equities. Long only. No leverage or derivatives.

Investment Objective: Long-term growth of capital and capital preservation.

Broad Diversification: Generally hold 15 to 25 stocks per portfolio with no more than a 5% concentration in any one security. These amounts may vary depending on the circumstances.

Account Structure: Each account is managed individually, but accounts generally hold the same securities in more or less the same percentages.

Liquidity: Your money is not subject to any mandatory holding period. Clients can request to terminate their investment advisory agreement and liquidate all positions with one business day’s notice.

Investment Portfolio Rebalancing

We understand that changes in your life may require changes in your portfolio. We’ll closely monitor your plan and make sure that it always reflects your situation. In addition, as financial markets go up and down, we help manage the level of risk in your investment portfolio through periodic rebalancing.

We believe that the lives of our clients should dictate the pace and balance of their investments, not the other way around. We work hard to ensure it stays that way.

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