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Tax Planning

There are many advantages to how we invest compared to other advisory firms but few are more important than tax efficiency.

Common among other firms is the tendency to invest in mutual funds and other actively managed accounts which have tremendous turnover in their holdings. Because we allocate into either individual stocks or passive ETFs, we have better control over when and how capital gains are realized.

Our goal is to limit taxable gains so we work to execute a more tax-advantaged process by determining which shares are to be sold when selling a position (e.g. we may opt to sell only positions that have a higher basis).

Aside from the inherent tax-efficient nature of individual stocks and ETFs, we also help our clients lower their tax liability by choosing the most efficient place to allocate their assets. Some assets have a higher tax liability, such as high yield bonds compared to tax-exempt municipal bonds.

We’ll Handle The Details

One of the best parts of working with a financial planner is that once you’ve put your plan in action, you’ll have an experienced professional handling the details on your behalf.

We work hard to make sure you don’t have to worry about how your money is being managed, and can enjoy the peace of mind that you’re on a path to success. The portfolios we build for clients are transparent and clear to understand, and we keep you informed while removing the day to day task of making decisions related to market fluctuations.

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