Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Miles Brown Asset Management?

Clients choose us because we are a forward looking practice that provides a level of expertise, care and a relationship they haven’t been able to find with other financial professionals. We believe that what we do and what we stand for is unique. Our passion is to help people live better lives through thoughtful financial planning.

This passion comes from the experience of growing up in a family that had no financial plan or access to trustworthy investment advice. This personal insight into the effects a lack of sound financial guidance can have is what drives us every day. We are constantly striving to provide the very best care and advice we can to ensure our clients feel secure in the knowledge that they are making the most of their hard earned wealth.

Am I a good fit for Miles Brown Asset Management?

Our services have been uniquely developed to specialize in serving the many layered financial needs of professionals, working families, and pre-retirees and retirees. These people come from a variety of working backgrounds, including engineering, journalism, medicine and even other financial services executives. We also have a specialized focus on serving the complex needs of attorneys, particularly those gearing up for a partnership track.

Despite the wide range of professionals we serve, what our clients all have in common is a clear vision and strong desire to develop a long-term relationship with their financial advisor. We strive to establish a real connection with everyone we serve, and our ideal client is someone who is actively seeking this. We’re here for the long haul, and we want you to be, too.

Our clients are smart, talented, and easily capable of handling their own money if they had the time and inclination. But they lead busy and fulfilling lives, and have other interests and obligations that take precedence. Though they want to be informed about financial matters, they also want to feel that they can confidently go about doing what they love most, safe in the knowledge that they have a competent and trustworthy advocate working on their behalf to manage their portfolio.

If you have any additional questions about whether or not we’d be a good fit for each other, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I don't live in the Bay Area, can I still work with you?

You most certainly can! Our clients are diverse and live in many different parts of the country. We are able to connect on a multitude of modern platforms, including Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and of course, the telephone.

Do I need a minimum to work with you?

The simple answer to this question is, no. Our practice is founded on a passion to empower anyone and everyone to make the most of their wealth, no matter how big or small. Growing up, we saw first hand what it’s like like to struggle without financial guidance. As such, we do not want to preclude individuals and families that have a desire to build their wealth, but are doing so from scratch.

In lieu of a financial minimum, what is expected is that you have a minimum level of commitment to the process, and a minimum level of patience and resilience in the face of volatile markets. You must also be committed to taking the steps necessary to build wealth. These include regular and systematic contributions to your portfolio at least quarterly, if not monthly, as well as regular annual reviews of your portfolio and financial plan.

What is fee transparency?

This means we make it easy for you to clearly understand the fees associated with working with Miles Brown Asset Management. We feel this level of transparency is an integral part if building a trusting and long-term relationship with all of our client.

Our fees are clear, simple and all-inclusive. We don’t bill for additional advice or services within the standard scope of wealth management. For example, we have clients who want our advice on assets we don’t manage for them, and we don’t charge for that. We also have clients who are revising a will or trust, and we’ll bring in a staff expert to provide guidance, again, for no additional fee.

There are no in-house or proprietary products. There are no commissions, therefore there is no bias in our recommendations. We are an independent registered investment advisor which means we earn a fee for the assets under management, not for the investments we recommend.

What is your investment philosophy?

Our investment policy is centered upon portfolio transparency. In other words, you shouldn’t need to be a code breaker to decipher your statement and understand what securities you may own. We invest primarily in U.S. equities. We do not use leverage or derivatives. Portfolios typically have 15-25 securities with no single security comprising more than 5% of the portfolio.

After the 2008 financial crisis, one of the most common remarks we heard from new clients was that they had no idea what their money was invested in. These were otherwise intelligent people, but they were in the dark about the composition of their portfolio. No one should feel like this about any aspect of their financial life, and we strive to ensure you never do.

In the spirit of a true fiduciary, acting in your best interest, we exercise discretion as to what to buy or sell and when. We focus on a combination of growth and protection when building portfolios. This approach is inspired by the timeless words of Will Rogers, who said: “I am not so much concerned with the return on capital as I am with the return of capital.”

We want our clients’ portfolios to weather the storms and be able to capitalize on strong markets. To accomplish this we emphasize a long term view of investing centered research of each position included in the portfolio. We seek to take profit and limit losses.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is someone who has a legal and ethical obligation to put their client’s best interests first, even if it means reduced compensation – or no compensation – for the advisor. We place your interests before anything else, and are held to the highest standard of care. Not all financial professionals are fiduciaries, but we are proud to be one.

I'm interested in working with you, what are the next steps?

If you decide to work with us, we’ll begin with an introductory meeting. This is a complimentary service, and you can schedule a time and place for us to chat here. You can also reach us by phone or email.

During this meeting we’ll ask you a lot of questions and listen carefully before suggesting a plan that thoughtfully considers your goals and objectives. Since our focus is on what you want the money to do for you, and not the money itself, your goals and values will drive our recommended changes to your existing portfolio and future investments.

If you aren’t quite ready to meet but you would like to stay in touch, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Is there a fee for an initial meeting?

There is no fee with our initial 30 minute introductory call. It’s important to hear what’s going on for you and to determine if we can be of service. As such, we make it as easy for us to do so as possible.

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